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Beats By Dre ft. Neighborhood

Beats By Dre’s Neighborhood Collection goes out to today’s and tomorrow’s creators — to all the ones getting out there making it happen, inspired by the very streets where they do their thing. Every neighborhood has a story — and so do you.

HUMU Smart Cushion

HUMU is your personal Smart Cushion, providing a unique experience. HUMU allows you to both hear audio and feel sound waves simultaneously. It feels absolutely fantastic! Just connect HUMU to your smart device, computer or TV to immerse yourself in your favorite movies, games, or music.


While the culture-shifting Air Max 97 turns 20, LA sneaker boutique Undefeated celebrates 15 years as a cultural influencer. To commemorate this event, the long-time Nike collaborator lovingly gives the “silver bullet” a fresh treatment—black with hits of Speed Red—complete with their name across the patent mudguard. When it first arrived, the Air Max 97 was a futuristic style that sped ahead of its time. Today, Undefeated proves it isn’t slowing down.

Nike Connect

Nike is the new apparel maker for the NBA, and it has officially rolled out updated jerseys for all 30 teams.The jerseys feature a new NikeConnect system, which relies on a mobile app of the same name that reacts to NFC tags embedded in the jerseys. The hook is the ability to unlock “premium content” like “pregame arrival footage, highlight packages and top players’ favorite music playlists.”

The Dadbag

This is the Beijing Bikini Bag! English designer Albert Pukies came up with this hilarious idea, as he has made numerous interesting versions of fanny packs. This version takes the shape of a classic beer belly, and Pukies has appropriately dubbed this “The Dadbag”. Now you can be transformed into a portly, heavier fella just by wearing the Dadbag (if that’s what you’ve always wanted to do)!


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