The NFL entered the Chinese market in 2010, focusing their efforts on educating new fans and localizing the sport. In 2012, NFL China came to us to create and disseminate press kits and all English press releases to local, national and international media with the intent of increasing their worldwide viewership.

We analyzed their former digital content strategy and concluded that reposting content from the official NFL channels was on brand but did not add anything unique to their follower’s feeds. Working with the client, we developed a personalized brand strategy to amplify local American football activities, fan profiles, and create themed content around Western holidays.

We conducted over 20 interviews with local football players and avid fans, building stronger ties with the NFL fan community in Shanghai, Beijing, and beyond. With the new focus, NFL China’s Western social media platforms were transformed from a mirror image of their NFL headquarters’ content to provide a window into the local, Chinese market.