Graphic Designer


Job Description

In order to finish the design quickly with high quality. The candidates shall analyze the planning project to understand the clients’ requirements fully before creating and designing layout design scheme;

The candidates should independently finish the KV design of the main body and shall responsible for the graphic design, the design of posts, samples, picture albums and extension design of POP material;

The candidates should responsible for the graphic design of stage background, post design and picture album design;

The candidates should cooperate and communicate with printing factories and manufacturers to guarantee the accuracy of design implementation.

The candidates should summarize the visual design projects and the design of advertisements and store them properly.

The candidates should responsible for the graphic design of the proposals of the marketing department, the company websites, the advertisements and the electric magazines.

The candidates should guarantee to communicate smoothly with design department and the clients and meet the clients’ requirements.

Job Requirements:

The candidates should have the bachelor’s degree and above. The candidates’ majored in artistic designing, advertisement design and relevant are preferred.

The candidates should be skilled in Photoshop, illustrator and AE.

The candidate should be good at painting and color use.

Candidates s with over three years’ work experience are preferred.

The candidates should have great backgrounds in painting and skilled in relevant fields. They should have a good understanding of advertising and good at creating;

The candidates should have accumulations in their major and be innovative. They should have rich experiences and have a good strategic understanding. They should be creative and good at implementation.

The candidates should be responsible, creative and motivate

Considering the specific requirements of the exhibition and event planning company, we might be quite occupied at work when we win the bidding, so candidates s with relevant experience are preferred.