API multinational ChemWerth wanted to shake things up at their annual dinner. From the outset, we sought to understand the emotion that ChemWerth wanted guests to feel, and crafted a tailored sensory experience that evoked loyalty, fun and diversity for a memorable evening revolving around company’s strong bonds.

Upon entry, guests were welcomed with a live art installation where artists drew caricatures and imprinted them on bespoke t-shirts. The opening performance was choreographed featuring dancers and costumes in styles from around the world to echo the client’s offices in China, the US, India and Mexico. Games ensued with ChemWerth Bingo, a crowd-pleasing selfie contest and cocktail competition using ingredients from various cuisines.

The most special moment of the evening was the shadow puppet show, telling the story of the founders and explaining ChemWerth’s brand promise of “One World, One Quality” through moving glowing hand sequences.